i want to be the very best,
like no one ever was

The modern dating scene is just a terrible experience right now. I wanted to skip past the anxiety and clinginess, just get right to the good stuff! I’ve had boyfriends tell me that I need too much sex. I became discouraged with dating apps and trying to figure a relationship into my schedule, and now I’m here and I’m quite satisfied!!

In my time off, I love cooking food in my kitchen, I’m always playing video games, and I’m a sucker for any Studio Ghibli or Quentin Tarantino movie. Gordon Ramsey and Jon Taffer yelling at people makes me happy! Lately I’ve been getting back into art, so my easel is in a little corner of my living room.

I’m 420-friendly, newbie-friendly,
virgin-friendly, and I see people of all races.
I want to make you feel like you’re the one being spoiled.
Let’s have some fun together!

current stats

updated late April 2022
status: big tiddies, big ass, small waist

height: 5’ 5″
age: 32
eyes: blue-grey
bra size: 34F
panty size: L
shoe size: 10 US / 41 UK
head hair: mid-back natural blonde
body hair: shaved bare all over

makeup: barely! natural glow
favorite flowers: potted plants
tattoos: none at all!
piercings: nose, lip, nipples, ears
sexuality: bisexual w/ experience
heritage: German + Serbian
favorite alcohol: gin, tequila
smokes? scentless 420, no nicotine

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